Xiaomi Mi Watch S1 Active Charger

Xiaomi Mi Watch S1 Active Charger


Бренд Xiaomi
Тип Charger
Боја Црна
Модел BHR5643GL





Lightweight and portable, the dock delivers charging at your fingertips.

Made of high density material, this compact dock features magnetic adhesion.

All-new magnetic charging makes charging a snap

Interchangeable with Xiaomi Watch S1 Active and Mi Watch. When charging, the watch sits close to the base of the charging dock and is held in place with strong magnetic forces.

Concise, lightweight, and portable design

Its compact size allows you to easily take it, and store it, anywhere.
High-density material makes it safe and durable
Made of PC+ABS synthetic material, this strong and heat resistant dock features TPE wire which can be repeatedly folded and stored for longer use.
Xiaomi Mi Watch S1 Active Charger