Xiaomi Mi – True Wireless Earphones 2S

Xiaomi Mi – True Wireless Earphones 2S


Бренд Xiaomi
Тип Безжични Слушалки
Боја Бела
Модел BHR4208GL





  • Metal Composite Diaphragm, Made For The High Quality Audio Systems
    Metal composite diaphragm has the apparent advantage in sound transmission and is made for the high quality audio systems. The metal-coated layer of the diaphragm is faster in high frequency transmission which provides multiple details. The whole diaphragm presents excellent performance including powerful bass and stability of sound.
  • Dual Damping System For Purer Sound Quality
    Sound waves produced by the diaphragm are reflected by the wall of the sound chamber back on to the diaphragm, interfering with sound restoration in the headphones. The dual damping system in Mi In-Ear Headphones disperses the reflected sound waves and reduces their effects on the diaphragm, giving you a purer audio experience.
  • Classic Gift Packaging
    Headphones come in a classic gift box that never goes out of style. Contains three sets of interchangeable ear buds and a customized cable organizer.
  • Durable, Break-Resistant Kevlar Fiber Cable
    Kevlar fibers within the cable can reduce tangles, resist breaks and enhance durability.
  • High-Grade Silicone Earpads
    Creates a tight sound chamber that’s easy and comfortable on your ears. Designed with a 15?? inclination for optimal ergonomics.
  • 3.5mm Gold-Plated Jack
    Prevents oxidation of the plug contact surface, reduces signal loss, and provides better audio restoration.
  • Textured Technology
    A textured dimension that facilitates plugging and unplugging without leaving fingerprints behind.
  • The Ultimate Sound Revolution
    Everyone deserves access to high-quality audio experiences. Xiaomi is committed to making that access a reality!
Xiaomi Mi – True Wireless Earphones 2S