Redmi Buds 3 Pro

Redmi Buds 3 Pro


Бренд Xiaomi
Тип Безжични Слушалки
Боја Црна
Модел BHR5244GL





Xiaomi Mi Redmi 3 Pro Handsfree Earbuds

Redmi Buds 3 Pro promise to offer an authentic sound experience! Now you have the sound you want thanks to the 35dB hybrid active noise cancellation with the ability to connect to two devices! They last up to 28 hours, were the AI ​​algorithm recognizes based on the noise level of the environment and the habits of the user. Adjust the noise cancellation depth for different environments.


Noise cancellation with three microphones

Clear conversations without interference in noisy environments. The three microphones, together with the call noise cancellation algorithm activated via the neural network model, can accurately perceive people’s voices, effectively reducing ambient noise.


Enjoy a world with … Less noise!

Aren’t outside noises annoying when traveling by subway or plane? That’s why Xiaomi Mi carefully studied the technology in the Redmi 3 Pro. They effectively cancel out engines and other vibration noises in the car / plain, making your trip quiet and comfortable. They adopt dual active noise cancellation technology with power and feedback microphones.


Fast & Wireless Charging

With fast charging, the headphones can charge for just 10 minutes and then let you listen to music for up to 3 hours. If the battery is depleted, take a short break and let it charge. The charging case also supports Qi wireless charging, making charging extremely convenient.


Connect to two devices at the same time

The same set of headphones can be connected simultaneously to two devices using platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows, allowing easy switching between entertainment and work. Connect with Bluetooth by opening the headset near your phone or by quickly clicking on the pop-up window that allows you to enjoy the new fast connection method!


Rich & Pure Sound

The Composite Vibrating Aperture with a diameter of 9mm offers you an excellent acoustic experience. Tuned by a professional from Xiaomi’s in-house audio lab, high-pitched sound is clear and unobtrusive, while low-pitched sound is rich and clear with more refined acoustic quality.


Touch & Answer the call

Touch the back of the headset twice for controls such as shift function, pause music and playback, etc. It also supports voice alarm function. 


Did you lose your Headphones?

Within the range of Bluetooth connectivity, you can locate your headphones by audio.


Extra Info

• Number of Headphones: 2

• Bluetooth version: V5.2

• Autonomy: 28 hours

• ANC function

• 3 microphones in each headset: Assist in optimal voice reception & excellent noise cancellation

• Composite vibrating diaphragm with a diameter of 9mm

Redmi Buds 3 Pro