Xiaomi Buds 3

Xiaomi Buds 3


Бренд Xiaomi
Тип Безжични Слушалки
Боја Бела
Модел BHR5526GL





    • Broadband Active Noise Cancellation
      Noise cancelling depth of up to 40dB, can reduce background noise by up to 99%. Either in a noisy outdoor environment or inside an underground train, you can stay in your own world without interferences.
    • 3 Modes Available For Noise Cancellation
      Select the proper mode in response to different degrees of ambient noises to prevent excessive ear pressure and make your noise cancellation experience more comfortable.
    • Clearer Call Experience
      Feedback, feed-forward and talk microphones work together to accurately cancel ambient noises and retain voices with the assistance of call noise cancellation algorithm enabled through the neural network model. This allows for clear conversations even in noisy environments.
    • Talk Freely While Wearing Earbuds
      In transparency mode, listen to music while still hearing ambient sounds. Switch to enhance voice mode for relaxed conversations even with your earbuds on.
    • HiFi Sound Quality
      Outstanding sound quality in spite of focusing on noise cancellation. With the sophisticated dual-magnet dynamic driver, every component can pass the rigorous test; in addition, with the Xiaomi HRTF professional tuning curve, sounds can be restored to their original states.
    • Ergonomic Design
      4.6 g lightweight body, multi-point refined design. The optimized structure with overlapping gravity centers precisely forms a stable triangle around the tragus, antitragus and auricular concha. This provides you with more comfortable in-ear experience.
    • Pinch Control
      Pinching like on a physical button can effectively prevent accidental operation or delay. Once pinched, you can get accurate response to easily switch modes, pause the music or select other functions.
    • Ultra-Long Battery Life + Wireless Charging
      Up to 32 hours of playback time when used in conjunction with the charging case. The charging case supports the Qi wireless charging protocol, compatible with various charging devices.
    • 40dB active noise cancellation
    • HiFi sound quality
    • 32-hour battery life with case
Xiaomi Buds 3