Mi S700 Electric Shaver EU

Mi S700 Electric Shaver EU


Бренд Xiaomi
Тип Electric Shaver
Боја Црна
Модел BHR5720EU




-The ceramic blade Xiaomi Mijia S700 is a high-quality shaver with a powerful brushless motor that spins 3500 rpm/min at its max speed. Mijia S700 has a ceramic razor, and it gives you an amazing shaving experience. Xiaomi Mijia shaver is IPX7 waterproof, and it supports both dry and wet shaving.
-The ceramic blade in the Xiaomi Mijia S700 is incredibly long-lasting. In other words, it has a life span of massive 240 hours. Mijia S700 is a smart shaving machine; the shaver is capable of adjusts its speed automatically. Furthermore, the motor is designed in a way that it won’t get jammed while shaving.
-The blades revolve 360-degrees. Additionally, Xiaomi Mijia shaver offers three speeding modes to the users. It lets you set blades in three-speed modes. At the max speed, the shaver rotates at 3500 rpm/min, in the medium at 3300 rpm/min, and similarly, in low mode, the motor rotates at 3100 rpm/min.
-Xiaomi Mijia S700 comes with a long-lasting battery and the fast-charging feature. It operates for 60 minutes by charging it only for 2 hours. Furthermore, the shaver comes with auto temperature control technology.


Two charging methods, charging base or type-c charging.
Innovative ceramic , long lasting sharp.
Innovative beard derection system, -sticking without pinching.
Comfortable and decompression, 360°rotating .
IPX7 Waterproof, with an internal drain.
Portable size, easy to carry and use.


Item name: Electric Shaver
Model: S700
Voltage: 3.7V
Battery: 700mAh
Feature: Triple Blade
Product size: 164.9*62.8*66 mm

Mi S700 Electric Shaver EU