Electric Car Charger

Electric Vehicle Charger

What we offer

Полначите за електрични возила се развиени од страна на специјализирани тимови кои работат неколку години во областа на полначи за електрични возила Најновите технологии допридонесуваат до комбинации од можности на полначот според барањата на корисникот.

Полначите што ги нудимение се со моќност од 7-11-22kW. Монофазни и трофазни .

Our team provides full assembly, installation and testing of the system.

Why should you as a customer choose our EV Charger?

Our EV Charger comes with built-in bluetooth/Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing the EV Charger to become a part of your smart home environment. Giving you the possibility to observe and control the charging of your electric vehicle.

With the function to connect the EV Charger to your smartphone device, you can monitor and limit the charging.

The EV Charger also comes with built-in protection features, such as the power spike protection for the unit and the car that is being charged.

The unit comes with an external RFID card reader, used for activating the charging cycle.


Нашите полначи можат да се инсталираат на било која локација каде што има пристап до трофазна и монофазна струја.

They can be installed at a gas station, residential buildings, shopping malls, business centers, hotels, bus stops, parking garages, in your home or wherever you have the need for an EV Charger for your electric vehicle.

Auto Plus Street Show 2022

Our electric car chargers set-up for presentation at the biggest auto-moto event in the country. Auto Plus Street Show is an event that showcases the newest and most modern vehicles coming from several of the biggest automotive brands.

Grand Auto

One of the two electric car chargers installed for the use of Grand Auto. The chargers are currently being used to supply energy for the Hybrid and Electric vehicles from Ford, Hyundai and MG.