System Integration


Optimal design of your Information technologies

Systems are useful for any business if they are properly designed.

In a more competitive market, companies today need to take advantage of every opportunity to gain an advantage.

Having an IT system that is well integrated will give you an edge over others.

Grand SD Solutions will allow you to have an integrated system in order to have the information from the operation without interruption and in one place.

Grand SD Solutions offers complete system integration

  • Planning/designing of LAN/WAN Networks
  • Analysis and preparation of solutions according to the needs of the user
  • Preparation of a proposal within the available budget
  • Implementation of the accepted solution
  • Post-sales support

Definition - What is System Integration?

System integration is an IT, engineering process or stage that involves merging different subsystems and components into one large system. This ensures that each integrated subsystem will function as required.

System integration is also used to add value to the system through new functionalities provided by connecting the functions of different systems.

We offer solutions if

You pay too much for a phone, internet, IT equipment, or you just did not get what you expected.

You do not have a good local IT partner.

You have a problem with the IT structure in your premises.

We can analyze your local and external network, servers, computers and printers

We can analyze your telecommunications operator and help you choose the most suitable, along with the most favorable solutions for your needs.

Structured Cabling

An appropriate design for new networks can be prepared, also the existing elements analyzed in order to be directed in the direction of improvement or modernization. We can diagnose the condition of new or existing networks, incl. records of individual parameter transmission.

We have experience in optimizing environments for data operation as well as voice transmission - Voice over IP (VoIP).

Wireless Networks

We have installed countless wireless networks. Based on the client's requirements, we design the best technologies for two-way interconnection and creation of internal or external wireless Wi-Fi network in all required standards 802.11 a, b, g and n.

We can design new wireless networks as well as analyze existing networks, including eliminating vulnerabilities or identifying interference channels.

Modern Server Rooms

Design and construction of server rooms from all standards.

A well-designed server room guarantees that your data will be secure and protected

We perform:

  • Antistatic Floor
  • Ventilation System
  • Access Control
  • Fire Detection System
  • Anti-burglar system
  • Surveillance System
  • Water Detection System

Video Surveillance and Security Systems

Security and monitoring systems (electronic security systems, video surveillance systems), time attendance systems.