Cyber Security

Cyber Security is security in technologies, procedures, and practices so that it can offer, support, program, and visit attacks, allow and disallow access. Cybersecurity is also as secure as IT Security

Cyber security is known to government, corporate, financial and medical organizations, along with the collective, processed and stored large amounts of data in users and other assets.

A large portion of that data can be sensitive information, whether it be intellectual property, financial data, personal data or any other type of data for which unauthorized access or intelligence could have adverse consequences.

Organizations transmit sensitive data over networks and other devices throughout the business, cyber security explains the discipline that is committed to protecting that data and the systems used to store and process it.

Information and data are a tool of organizations, as all other tools have value and therefore need to be protected.

The most common threats to information security are:

  • Low awareness of the security aspects of information
  • Internet and e-mail
  • The employees themselves
  • Attacks by hackers and viruses
  • Terrorism
  • Natural disasters

Why is Cyber Security Important?

In today's connected world, anyone can benefit from advanced cyber defense.

At the individual level, a cyber attack can mean identity theft, blackmail attempts, loss of important data and family photos.

The security information protects the information from a range of threats, in order to ensure uninterrupted operation, minimize business damage and in order to justify investments in information security.

Challenges of Cyber Security

For effective security against cyber attacks, an organization needs to coordinate efforts across the entire information system.

Elements that should be included in the information system

- Computer Network Security: The process of securing a computer network from unwanted users, attacks and intruders.

- Application Security: Applications require constant updating and testing to be safe from attacks.

- "Endpoint" security: Remote access is a necessary part of a company, but also a security hole. Security of the so-called end point is the process of providing remote access to the company network.

- Data Security: Securing through specialized software


Users must understand and adhere to the basic principles of data security, such as using a complex password, being cautious when opening files and links from emails, and making frequent backups of data.


Organizations must have a way and procedures for dealing with a cyber attack attempt. Our professionally designed plans can help you achieve this.

We successfully identify an attack, protect systems, identify and respond to any attack, and also restore the system and data to power after the attack.


Technology is essential for securing devices from companies and individuals from cyber attacks.

Three main points must be protected, end units such as computers, mobile devices and routers, computer networks and the cloud (online data storage).

Common technologies used to protect these spots are "next-gen" firewalls, DNS Filters, antivirus software, malware protection and email protection.

We offer

  • Detailed network check: Complete network testing. Finding and removing any security holes in the system.
  • Firewall: Installation and maintenance of a physical (hardware) firewall, which acts as a boundary for all incoming and outgoing connections. Does not allow access to unwanted and unknown connections etc.
  • Securing Devices: Using advanced tools to prevent, detect and remove malware, trojans, ransomware and many other dangers coming from outside the network, we secure all your devices, computers, laptops and phones.

  • Employee training on how to protect themselves from cyber attack in everyday work.
  • Consultations and advice in daily work in order to prevent the activation of a program that would damage the system or to take over the data of the user which may further be part of blackmail, take over the business or transfer certain funds to accounts that will never to be returned.
  • Complete Solutions to protect your system and network. Customized according to the needs of the company and / or the user.