Computer Network Setup and Support

Computer networks (LAN/WAN) allow all of your computers, servers and printers to connect to the Internet and to work together. Grand SD Solutions network specialists can plan and implement the ideal network for your office environment. Grand SD Solutions can also analyze your existing computer network for improvement, including wireless networking, hardware upgrades, central printers, or file sharing.

Wireless Computer Networks (WiFi)

The power and convenience of wireless (WiFi)networks has transformed how teams work together for business success. Wireless networks offering unprecedented mobility, efficiency, and flexibility. From remote access to file sharing to quick and convenient Internet accessibility, we can develop a strong network architecture that lets you get the most out of your computer systems. Our IT technicians create powerful and effective technical architectures that permit a wide range of new devices – from sophisticated on-demand printers to tablets, servers, and laptops – to connect through WiFi to one central network.

Network Security

As a result of the increased versatility of computer networks and WiFi, network security and privacy also must become more complex to respond to new potential threats from the Internet and network intrusion. Grand SD Solutions' certified network security experts can help to create the most secure and cost-effective wired or wireless networking solutions to safely and effectively meet your companies’ needs.