IT Management


Sleep soundly, knowing your data and IT equipment is secured

Our certified team will make sure that your network operates without problems and lower and cost and expenses of your personnel.

Your technologies will always be under our control. Our team of certified technicians and administrators will make sure that your network operates without any problems.

Outsourcing is an efficient strategy for saving money, when used right.

It is sometimes more acceptable to buy goods from companies with comparative advantages than to produce them in-house.

A production example from Dell on buying some of its computer components from other manufacturers in order to save on production costs. Alternatively, the business may choose to use accounting services from independent accounting firms. It can be cheaper than hiring an accountant

As it has become more comprehensive, the task of IT infrastructure management has become more complex and time consuming. But some elements of your IT infrastructure are probably not strategic for your business.

Also, some parts of your IT will be business critical and will need to be available 24/7, such as your email, data, and other business critical applications. It can also be expensive to hire people. You may need special skills for some technologies, such as Citrix or Oracle, but this can be expensive to acquire and retain, especially if you need it right now.

You need to have a service partner who will make up for the lack of an internal IT team. Who will work with you, understand your business and allow your team at the company to focus on those elements of your company that are strategic to your business. Our approach to selective management infrastructure may be the answer. From remote monitoring to on-site support, we can provide a service to manage all aspects of your IT infrastructure, including: data center management, Help desk management, desktop management, application management, LAN - WAN network management.

The goal of our engagement is: reduction of total costs (TCO) of IT infrastructure, receiving maximum return on IT investments, without interruptions caused by technical errors, elimination of critical omissions, reduction of risk of defects, increase of system performance and organizational productivity, improving customer satisfaction.

We mediate in solving technical problems with tel. lines, internet, web connections, we propose solutions to improve the IT structure, we control the security of IT systems.

IT infrastructure, support and IT outsourcing services

Today, IT infrastructures are geographically distributed and consist of a number of telecom, hardware and software solutions that require professional support and technical support in accordance with QoS standards, in order to ensure high end-user productivity.

Grand SD Solutions Service Center provides comprehensive IT infrastructure planning, implementation, management, maintenance and technical support, services for a wide range of software, hardware, and telecom solutions. Grand SD Solutions has an experienced team of certified technical specialists and offers flexible service plans in order to meet the high quality of service and customer requirements.

In order to get the maximum benefit, a long-term (at least one year) contract is recommended, thus enabling service providers to make long-term investments in IT services and architecture and ensuring that customers have a long-term guarantee of IT service quality and security.

The real benefit of our engagement is:

  • Reduced costs - you can take advantage of our specialist skills without additional investment in skills, training and employment, as well as realization
  • Increased business agility - our IT service management infrastructure is fully flexible

  • Increased availability and reduced risks - by accessing our full range of resources and expertise we can reduce the risk of system damage, increase efficiency and improve security