Automation - Ticketing Systems

Automation - Ticketing Systems

With years of experience in design and installation, Grand SD Solutions offers simple and efficient pedestrian and vehicle access control systems, with flexible software that can be customized according to the requirements of the customer.

Pedestrian Access Control

As with other services, Grand SD Solutions takes care to bring you the best solution according to your needs.

Beginning from the simplest systems for time attendance and access control all the way to systems with high complexity (large number of entry/exit locations, multiple levels of access, records and statistics of passages, purchasable tickets and other)

Based on the requirements, the system can be:

  • Access control and time attendance (A device on the entry and/or exit of the facility, which keeps records via RFID cards, tokens or a simple login code, depending on the users needs)
  • Entry by ticket (Mounted three-way rotating barriers at the entrance of a building, such as swimming pools, theaters, zoos, archeological sites or places where it is necessary to issue and pay a ticket, record and control access)
  • Advanced systems include systems that are a combination of the above but with a larger number of entrances or exits, with multiple types of access (RFID cards or tokens, barcode cards or tickets, access codes, etc.), area divisions by access, different type of passage (Electronic lock, three-legged rotating barriers, wing barriers, etc.) and many other aspects of the system that can be adjusted according to the needs of the user

Access control for vehicles

The principle of operations of vehicle access control is not much different from the pedestrian approach. Control with RFID cards tickets, barcode readers and similar. The main difference is the type of the passage in this case we are talking about barriers (ramps) positioned at the entrance and/or exit of the building. This type of system is most suitable for commercial parking lots or garages, hotel parking lots or garages, large markets, malls and much more.

Parking System
The most advanced technology for vehicle access control.
Our modular solution, our software and hardware. Suitable for hotels, big and small markets, distribution zones and much more.
Our complete solution for the automation of parking lots.
Our equipment, our software, for different types of parking lots, which so far we have recognized as something different, from our great experience:
• Commercial parking, hybrid (commercial and VIP)
Hotel parking, free guests, but also payment for commercial parking services
• Parking for Mega-markets, free customers, payment for commercial parking services
• Commercial distribution zones
• Parking of factories, institutions, companies, etc.
We configure the system together with the client so that he directly influences the desired investment, knowing clearly and precisely what he is buying, with the idea of buying only what he needs and paying only what he would use.
Depending on the size of the parking lot (garage), the number and availability of entrances / exits, frequency of parking, width of the entrance and exit terminal, purpose of parking (for cars, trucks) that we propose, and based on the numerical experience we offer more types of ramps.

Again, depending on the type of parking, and in the function of records and access control, equipment is issued for issuance, authorization and verification of parking cards, or paper (bar code) cards, or RFID cards, but not often , only codes, metal tokens, and even RFID tokens are used, and very rarely biometric identification.

Devices, i.e. cameras in the function of video surveillance, but also for recognizing the registration number of vehicles, in principle, are used as additional control and records. Garages often use devices (subsystems) to detect free parking spaces and equipment for recording, i.e. directing vehicles.
Types of authorization

  • RFID cards
  • Paper barcode tickets
  • SMS Collection
  • Toll machines